Winamax fold button isn't always pressed

I've been having a few issues with Winamax lately, I have set up F1 as my Fold + Stack table hotkey.
Quite often, pressing F1 on a table with action required clicks the Fold button (I see the pointer), but doesn't fold the hand, and still sends it to the stack.

Now that I think of it, I had some problems with Pokerstars as well, trying to call/fold and the button would simply not get pressed.
Maybe I can turn on logging during my next session, I don't really know how to help narrowing down the problem Big Grin
Its possible that SAT is just trying to click too fast, although if you can visually see the pointer move then usually I'd think that thats slow enough

Quick question, are you on the latest version of SAT?

I think I am using the latest version, is this the one detecting iPoker skins? I don't have access to my PC right now, so cannot check the version.
Yeah that should be the latest then.

Does the Winamax not clicking bug only happen when you are playing on Pokerstars? Or do you also see it when you're playing on Winamax only?
I started getting issues tonight when I reached around 15 tables.

I had Pokerstars open from the start, and no problem whatsoever until 15 tables.
Ok can you please try this dev build v2.99.21a ?

test it and let me know if the problem is fixed. I slowed down the clicking a little bit for both Stars and WinamaxNew
Hi, sorry for the late reply.

I'll try it today and let you know promptly, thanks!
I had no issues with the dev build, thanks!
good to know, thanks

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