Custom grid
Is there any news about this feature? I dont expect it to be implemented instantly, just curious what are the thoughts and will something like that be implemented in the future
Been sick the last few days. I dont know how much demand there is for this feature. But i plan on attempting to implement it and see how difficult it is. Hopefully this week I will get a chance
Ok do you use the regular download, or the highDPI version?

anywhere here are both builds



the only change youll need to make is to click File->Current Layout, and add this line:


That assumes your stack slot is slot #1, and you want the preflop slot to be #2. You can change that to whatever you want. Save the file, and then completely close out SAT, and reopen it.

Test it and try to break it and let me know how/when it might fail. This is a fundamental change to how SAT works, and some parts of the code were changed that I don't particularly like to touch. This is a very niche use case and I highly doubt I will add this feature to the GUI and rather just keep it configurable this way. I'm unsure if I even want to add this feature to the main release because I don't want to unintentionally break things for other users. You might be the only person who ever uses it. Let me know how it goes
Sure, im currently after session so will test this in a day and let you know
(05-28-2024, 11:37 AM)drummmmm Wrote: Sure, im currently after session so will test this in a day and let you know

how did this work out?
Everything works great, played 1 session with this layout, couldnt notice any bugs. Currently mixing between layout with this features and sometimes without this

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