These are the support forums for StackAndTile. Feel free to post any problems you have.

Registration is not required

Registration is not required, so anyone is free type in a username to post without the hassle of signing up. You can just type in a nickname and post as a guest. The forum may require you to choose a number from a list to prove that you're a human. One limitation is, guests will not be allowed to post links or images. If you want/need to post an image or link, you will have to register for an account. Another way to get around this limitation is to just put a space after the "http" in the link.

Getting help

Many problems are already discussed on the help pages, so please check there first:

When posting, describe your problem with as much detail as you can:

  1. Where/when does it go wrong? What do you expect should happen? Be specific!
  2. Give step by step instructions to re-produce the error.
  3. What Sites does it fail on? What Sites does it work on?
  4. Turn on ALL Notifications in Advanced Options. This should give some hints.
  5. How does your problem differ from what the help pages say?
  6. If you are using non-default settings, please list them
  7. Run the Test described on this page. What are your results?
  8. If you are using 3rd party poker software such as TableNinja, can you try turning off the other software and see if the problem is still there?
The more information you give, the better answers you will get. Smile You should aim to provide step by step instructions as to how to reproduce the problem every time.

If you have an issue that keeps happening for you, and we have not found a solution for it yet, you should stop using SaT altogether until we can figure out the problem and tell you an appropriate solution. It is never a good idea to continue playing if you are uncertain about what is happening to your tables.

Cancelling your subscription

You have two options to cancel your subscription:
  1. Click here to see how to do it yourself
  2. email me at support(at)stackandtile(dot)com from the email address that you signed up with