Sit in/out all tables
(05-23-2014, 11:29 PM)InsideMan Wrote: Hey there. I tried 'Sit Out all tables' on ipoker the other day, but does it actually work? I pressed the hotkey and it clicked 'fold to any bet' on the table. I don't want it to fold every hand and sit out or is that what it does?

Its supposed to work. That "Fold to Any Bet" checkbox is directly next to the "Sit Out" checkbox, so its possible something is getting messed up.

What table size are you using? Click File->Current Layout and tell me the values for table_width and table_height near the top of the file.

What iPoker skin are you playing on?

Are you sure you've got your chatbox fullsized?

Yea chatbox is fullsized. I always know when it isn't because then all my bet/call/fold hotkeys are messed up. Client is Coral Poker.
(05-24-2014, 05:08 AM)Insideman Wrote: table_width=693

Yea chatbox is fullsized. I always know when it isn't because then all my bet/call/fold hotkeys are messed up. Client is Coral Poker.

I just tested it and it worked for me correctly..

Keep in mind that those dimensions aren't the correct proportions for iPoker. If you scroll further down in your config file, you should see settings for iPoker_included_resized_table_width and iPoker_included_resized_table_height. Let me know what values you have for those. They should be slightly different..
They are the same for me:

Hrmmm.. that may be the problem. Try creating an entirely new layout, using File -> New Layout. It will ask you to click on a table to base your grid slot size on, and then press F7. Before pressing F7, resize an iPoker table with your mouse to a slightly different size, either larger or smaller, but use your mouse to do it. Then press F7. Then include iPoker into SaT and add the hotkey and see if it works.
It still wants to fold to any bet.

This is what the .ini file reads in the alternative layout:


Hrmmm. Something is off with your table dimensions. You don't have the widgets bar expanded, right? Can you take a screenshot of your table for me? What skin are you on?

When I try to match your dimensions, I get either 715x527 (same width) or 734x540 (same height). I cannot use my mouse to get the table to be 715x540 or 693x524 that you posted earlier. Did it used to work at some point? I'm wondering if your skin is just using different graphics somehow. I'm curious to see the screenshot.
I just googled some images of other ipoker skins and it does indeed look like 'Fold to any bet' and 'Sit Out' are in the wrong place for the Coral Poker skin:

[Image: b70046.png]
Actually, those boxes look like they are in the correct place. But what I notice is that you have no Widgets bar on the right side. Compare to my TitanPoker table:

This is probably what the problem was. SaT was clicking the exact square box for the 'Sit Out' checkbox. With your skin having no Widgets bar, SaT was probably missing the box and clicking on the far right of the word 'bet' in "Fold to any bet". Since iPoker allows you to click anywhere on the words instead of directly in the box, I've simply moved the click over. Please download version v2.62 and try it
Yea, that's fixed it. For some reason I thought it would 'sit out next bb' for all tables, but that wouldn't work universally because ipoker doesn't support that feature. Still good for sitting back in all tables though or emergency sit outs. Thanks.

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