Winamax preselection action buttons: Custom hotkey from user assignedco-ords
Hey. Love SaT. Using it on winamax i can't use the preselect next action buttons because the Fold check box is in a strange place. This is fairly huge for me as i have my fold hotkey set up as fold and stack and move to grid when dealt a hand, so the ideal is, i get dealt a hand, i see it's junk, fast preselect fold and it goes back into the stack, that works perfectly on PS etc.

But for Winamax i need to wait until my action buttons appear because the preslect fold check box is in a different location than this. Which is a lot of space and time wasted unfortunately. Is there any current work around for this?

If not, i saw someone suggested multipel co-orderdinates pressed at the same time for one hot key but it turned out to be not a good idea, what about allowing the users to set a new hotkey to press a certain co-orderinate? Ideally for me i just algin a new button that will 1. hit the area for preslected fold and 2. move the table back into the grid.

Is this possible?
There are two checkboxes, one for "Check/Fold" and one for "Fold" and they appear at different times. I can confirm that you are right, SaT is not clicking either of them. I will fix this. It looks like the "Check/Fold" is close enough that SaT can click it in the same location as the fold button, so that will probably be the checkbox that will be clicked. Within the SaT Included Site's listbox, does your Winamax site say "Winamax" or "Winamax_Small" ?

But if you are using Move To Grid = When Dealt Cards, then the table shouldn't still occupy a grid slot. What should happen is, you are dealt cards, table gets moved to grid, you use "Fold+Stack" hotkey, hotkey doesn't click the checkbox, table goes back to the stack and stays there, when it is your turn to act the table will pop back out to grid, and then you can use the "Fold+Stack" hotkey again which should work this time. This was added/fixed in v2.56. Before, the table would immediately pop back into grid because the hole cards were still visible.

Finally, if you absolutely needed to, you could create a custom site, and specify coordinates for the BetSize hotkeys, and then use those hotkeys to click certain spots on the table.
I'll try adding it back into the grid today and then seeing when it pops out again, that tip should help me enough for now.

My site just says Winamax.

I much appreciate you adding this feature, it's a big update for me.
v 2.58 should now click the "Check/Fold" checkbox
Thanks again!

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