Wrong bet size

I play on FTP Rush poker.

When raising preflop preflop 3x like custom bet buttons are set sometimes it raises 2x (2bb).
And same is on postflop when bettin 75% sometimes it bets 1bb.
("Click Bet for all BetSize hotkeys" is checked).

How can I fix that?
Only sometimes? That makes it hard to debug. Because that means that most of the time, its working correctly?

The only thing I can think of is that"Click Bet for all BetSize hotkeys" is clicking Bet too fast.. You could try turning that off, and then setting up a separate "Bet" hotkey and then doing two keypresses. If that fixes it, then that means that I need to increase the delay in the other option.
Yes, that happens rarely. Probably 1 out of 100 times.
But I'ts very annoying, cuz I never minraise and minbet lol
I guess it goes wrong, when I press bet button not too harshly.
In the next version, I will increase the delay, and also make it configurable so you can test different settings.
In v2.68 I increased the delay a little bit, and also added an extra advanced option so that you can configure the delay even higher if you need to:


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