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  Full Version Small Stakes Free
Pricing $17.95
/ per month
/ per month
Max cash game blinds unlimited $0.25/$0.50 $0.02/$0.05
Max tournament buyin unlimited $22 $2.20

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When your trial period expires, the program will revert to 'Free' mode.

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Money Back Guarantee

I am certain that StackAndTile will make online poker easier for you and help you make more money. But, if you're not satisfied for any reason within 30 days of your first payment, you get a full refund, no questions asked. And remember, you are able to cancel your subscription anytime, so you will never be locked into paying for something you no longer want.

Are there any discounts?

Yes! Visit the discounts page and see what offers are available.


European customers only, please note that the EU requires VAT (value-added tax) to be charged by non-EU suppliers on digital goods.

Why monthly?

First, SaT is a unique solution, and it might not work for everyone. By offering it as a monthly subscription, people can try the software for a month or two and make sure that it fits their style of play. If not, they can cancel at any time.

More importantly, I want high quality customers, even if it means less customers. I don't want to be bothered with the type of people who complain about bad beats. I would rather price them out. Since this software is designed for professionals, they know that ROI and expected value are all that matter. Either the software pays for itself and more, or it doesn't.

How many computers can I use this on?

A license is good for use on two computers, but not simultaneously. After signing up, you will automatically receive your license code via email. Just use the same code on both machines.

Honestly, the benefits of using your program are much higher than the price. Second, by promoting SAT I will definitely make the field much stronger. And last but not least is that I was told about SAT by my good friend and very strong cash regular who asked me not to tell anybody about this program.
- Private message
(a user declining to help spread the word)
SaT is worth every penny! The amount I can play now on a few different sites is a ton more. I can basically pay for one months subscription with one days rakeback.

3sixes (2+2)