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StackAndTile offers a 15 day, full featured trial for new users. Just download the file below and install, and you will be asked for your email to confirm your trial.

Current version download: v2.99.21


Beta high DPI version: v2.99.21-highDPI   ->   this will eventually become v3.0 and includes new features such as:
- better support for high resolution screens
- Russian GGPokerOK skin
- Bodog auto timebank
- WinningPoker BetPot% hotkey
- hotkeys limited to specific sites
- slots filtered by sites or cash/tourn table type
Please report any problems in the forums.

Old version: v2.99.20

You should be able to just install right on top of the existing installation. No need to uninstall anything. Just make sure to completely close out the program first, and then run the new setup file.

You should ONLY download SaT directly from this website. If you download from somewhere else, you can never be sure of the safety of the file. Online poker players should be especially careful about this risk, because of the amounts of money they are dealing with. It would be stupid to get hacked or get infected with a virus simply because you downloaded a file from an untrusted source.

I think your product is a diamond and it has good prospect to be one of the best.
ulairiiii (2+2)
Great software, I couldn't 24 table without it. Thanks.