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Quick Start Guide

History / General Multitabling Setups


Table Types
   Play Mode
   Move To Grid setting

Supported Poker Sites
   Custom Site Tutorial

Advanced Options
Extra Advanced Options


Cancelling your subscription

Finally, you can get more help on the Forums.
Many problems and annoyances have already been solved,
but maybe the solution is not easy to find in the software
or on the help pages. So feel free to go to the forums and
ask any question. Registration is not required.

Where do I start?

First, watch the video on the homepage to get an idea of how things work. Then, download the software, and follow the Walkthrough to get it set up.

What poker sites does this work for?

This software works for almost all poker sites. However, for the smaller ones, there may be extra configuration required.

Thanks for all your help, you are the best customer service I have ever experienced.


I just want to say that your software is outstanding... Poker looks fun again and I'm more focused with it... ty very much