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Advanced Options

This page has descriptions of all of the Advanced Options in the program. These options can be found in the menu at the top of the program's application window, by clicking Settings -> Advanced Options.


Activate (Focus) table when action required

This will bring a table to the top and give it focus as soon as it is your turn to act. This is on by default. In conjunction, you should turn off each site's option to "Bring tables to front on action". See Focus Stealing page. This will affect the follow two settings underneath.

Move mouse to active table

If enabled, SaT will jump your mouse to each table as it requires action.

Activate table under mouse

This will give focus to whatever table is underneath the mouse. The active table will follow wherever you move the mouse. I don't really recommend using this option unless you know what you are doing. If you use this, you should probably send your hotkeys to the active table, rather than the table under the mouse. And you definitely do not want to use this in conjunction with the "Move mouse to active table" option above.

Highlight active table

This setting will put a red border around the window that is active (the window that has focus) on your desktop. This is not limited to only poker tables. If you click on a different window, then that window now has focus. This highlighter is useful if you send your hotkeys to the active table, so that you can see visually where your hotkeys will be going. If you use other software which also highlights tables with a border, you should probably turn those off so that you don't get confused.

Left mouse click detection

Enables SaT to monitor your mouse clicks to determine if you click inside the fold/call/bet buttons on a table. This has no effect if you use 'Move To Grid' setting = Never.

This takes effect in a few places:
1. When you click fold on a table in the grid, the table will be sent back to the stack.
2. When you click call/bet on a table in the stack, and you are using 'Move To Grid' setting = After Entering Pot, then the table will be sent to grid.

If you use a Fold+Stack hotkey within SaT, and dont use 'Move To Grid' setting = After Entering Pot, then you can turn this option off, which should help performance since SaT will not have to monitor every mouse click you make.

Clicking 'Call' or 'Bet' also stacks table

As noted in the above option, when Left Mouse Click Detection is enabled: when you click 'Fold' with your mouse, the table will move back to the stack. This option will also move the table back to the stack when you click on 'Call' or 'Bet'. This can be used by people who don't want to use the "Call+Stack" or "Bet+Stack" hotkeys.

Stack table at End Of Hand

This feature will send grid tables back to the stack as soon as the the flop is no longer visible when the hand is finished. It is turned off by default, in which case, a hand will finish but you will see that the table remains in the grid. This usually isn't that big of a deal because another hand will be starting within seconds and your action will be required again. However some people are annoyed by that, and therefore they can use this setting. Also, this setting has no effect if you use 'Move To Grid' setting = Never.

When the setting "Send tables to stack at End of Hand" is turned on, SaT will only determine that a hand is finished when a hand goes to the flop, and then the flop is no longer visible. Examples would be:
1. You bet on the flop and everyone folds. You win the hand. Flop disappears to start a new hand. SaT sees that the flop is gone and re-stacks the table.
2. The hand goes to showdown. Someone wins and then the flop disappears to start the next hand. SaT re-stacks the table.

Help with clicking on the cards during setup

Hole Card detection

This used to be a separate setting, but it is now built in as part of the same setting above to "Send table to stack at End of Hand"

This will scan for hole cards to determine whether the hand is finished or not.

There is one flaw with the above method of only scanning for the flop cards. Suppose we raise preflop and everyone folds. The hand is finished, but there was never any flop cards. So in this example, SaT needs to look for the existence of your hole cards, and then re-stack the table once your hole cards disappear. This will handle the example situation of you raising preflop and everyone folding.

However, for this to work properly, you need to sit in the same seat on every table. Many of the popular poker sites have a "preferred seating" option which will always sit you at the same seat at every table. For Hole Card Detection to work in SaT, you must be using this option in all poker sites. If you do not, SaT might falsely detect that your hole cards were visible and then not visible, resulting in incorrect re-stacking of tables while the hand is still in progress. This will be an inconvenience. For these reasons, the hole card detection is disabled by default. See also: preferred seating.

Drop and Drop to swap slots

This allows you to drag and drop grid tables to other slots. When you start to drag a table in the grid, you will see a yellow highlight around the nearest slot. If another table is already in the slot that you are going to drag and drop to, then that table will be swapped out. You can also drag grid tables into the stack. But you cannot drag tables out of the Stack (use a "Move To Next Slot" hotkey for that), or into a specific Old Tables slot.

This option requires the Windows setting "Show window contents while dragging" to be enabled in the Control Panel.

Bring urgent tables to top

This setting has been removed. It is now always on.
When this is on, StackAndTile will pop up tables when it is your turn to act. This should pretty much always be enabled. The only time you would want this off is if you are only playing on one poker site and you are running into problems with SaT not bringing tables to the top. See also: focus stealing.

Minimize to Tray

This will minimize the SaT window to the tray area by the clock, instead of minimizing to the normal Windows taskbar.

Show Table Count while running

When this is enabled, a small black popup window will appear when you click Start, showing the total number of tables under SaT supervision.

Scan Mode

The method of scanning that SaT will use for scanning each table to detect if it is your turn to act, or if the hand is finished. SaT will attempt to detect the best setting based on your computer.

PW - This is the most reliable, and should work in almost all cases. In rare instances, it can cause table graphics problems.
BB - Similar to PW scan mode, but might resolve the table graphics issues from PW scan mode. Some people say it works better for PartyPoker.
DWM - The fastest and recommended scan mode. However, this only works on Windows Vista/7 when you have Aero theme enabled. If you have Windows XP, you will not be able to use this. If you have Win Vista or 7, SaT will automatically select this mode if you have Aero theme enabled. If it did not, then it is recommended that you turn on Aero, and then choose DWM Scan Mode, and then re-include all of your sites. This will give the fastest performance. To turn on Aero in Win 7, simply right click on the desktop, choose 'Personalize', and then select an 'Aero theme'. In Win Vista, see this link: enabling Aero in Windows Vista
GDIP - This is an alternative to "DWM" scan mode, it also requires Aero to be enabled. It should probably be the second choice to use, after "DWM".


These are little popups that appear under your mouse cursor or in the bottom right of the screen near the system tray and clock. They are useful to give you visual feedback that SaT's options are working as expected. It is recommended to leave these set at their defaults.


Hotkeys fire upon release

When this setting is turned on, all hotkeys in SaT will fire when you release the hotkey button up, instead of when you press the key down. This is off by default, which means SaT will fire all of the hotkeys when you press the key down.

Allow action hotkeys on Ignored Tables

Normally when you use the Ignore Table hotkey, that table is completely removed from SaT detection and all other hotkeys will not work on it. However, some people requested that they still be able to use the fold/call/bet hotkeys so that they can continue to play on that table, just outside of the SaT grid. Turn this option on to allow that.

Click Bet for all BetSize / BetXbb hotkeys

The BetSize hotkeys by themselves will simply click the buttons on the table to set the betbox to a certain amount. Similarly, the BetXbb hotkeys will calculate the number of big blinds, and put that number into the betbox. These hotkeys will not click the Bet button for you. If you turn this option on, then these hotkeys will also click the Bet button as well, saving you an extra hotkey press.

My recommendation is to not use this setting. Its always best to verify what amount you are about to bet before you actually take the action to bet. I suggest you set up a 'Bet' hotkey within SaT, and simply train yourself to first hit your 'BetsizeX' or 'Bet X bb' hotkey, and then once you visually confirm the amount in the box, then next press your 'Bet' hotkey. Its two keypresses instead of one, but I think its worth it to be on the safe side, so you can actually see the amount with your own eyes before pressing Bet.

Consider this example for the "Bet X bb" hotkeys. Suppose you are playing $1/2 and have a "Bet 3 bb" hotkey set up. You would expect your hotkey to bet $6. Imagine that the flop was just dealt, and we are on the button. Now, someone in front of you bets $10. On most sites, the betbox will show the minraise amount by default. So in this case the betbox would show $20. If you mistakenly press your 'Bet 3 bb' hotkey, SaT will attempt to input $6 into the betbox. However, some sites will disallow it, and maybe change the bet back to $20. Now, with this setting turned on, SaT will also automatically click the 'Bet' button on the table, which will cause you to bet $20 (a min-reraise) instead of betting $6 as you thought.

For BetSizeX hotkeys, also move table back to the Stack

Self explanatory. These hotkeys will also move the table back to the Stack. Similar to how there is a "Fold+Stack" hotkey. This would be like "BetSizeX+Stack".

When using "Move table to Slot X" hotkey, also Keep Table in Grid

The "Move table to Slot X" hotkeys will move a table out of the stack and into the specified grid slot. Some people might also want to lock the table in the grid after doing using that hotkey. This saves an extra hotkey press. Note, if you use the "Move table to slot X" hotkey on a table that is already in the grid, then this option will do nothing. It will only work when moving a stack table into the grid.

When using a 'Fold' hotkey before action is required, click this checkbox:

This setting controls what happens when you use either the "Fold" or "Fold+Stack" hotkey, when your action is NOT required on the table (instead, when the advance action checkboxes are visible). Obviously, when action IS required, the Fold button will be visible and those hotkeys will simply click the real Fold button. However, when action is not required, there are different advance action checkboxes that become visible.

Fold This is the default setting and should work fine for most of cases. It will simply click the Fold in advance checkbox which is usually located in the same spot as the actual Fold button. Sites such as Bovada and WinningPoker put both the "Fold" and "Check/Fold" checkboxes in the same location, so this setting is sufficient.
Fold + Check/Fold Some sites (Stars, 888, Party) have two separate checkboxes: one for "Fold" and one for "Check/Fold", and these checkboxes are in different locations on the table. With this option selected, SaT will send 2 clicks to the table. First it will try to click in the "Fold" checkbox location. Then immediately after it will try to click on the "Check/Fold" checkbox location. This is turned off by default, because you never know if sending 2 clicks to the table will cause a misclick.
Fold to Any Many sites have a Fold to Any Bet checkbox which will automatically Fold your hand whenever a bet takes place on any street, so you don't have to worry about that table anymore. In my opinion this makes more sense than sending a second click to the Check/Fold checkbox that is mentioned above.


Focus the Betbox when possible

This feature puts the keyboard focus into the betbox, and selects (highlights) the contents. This allows you to immediately start typing a bet with your keyboard/numpad as soon as the table requires action. SaT attempts to focus the betbox only when tables require action. This feature works on the following sites: PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888Poker, Merge, WinningPoker, FullTiltPoker, and iPoker. Some other sites do this already by default, such as Bovada/Bodog and Winamax

Move 888 'User Message' popups to grid

Some users have reported that during 888 tournaments, when the tables get unbalanced, and they move you to a new table, 888 displays a popup telling you that you have moved. This popup never goes away until you click it. However, if the table was at the bottom of the stack, you will never see this popup. And, to top it off, this popup supposedly blocks SaT from scanning the table and detecting whether the table is Old or whether action is required.

The problem is that SaT cannot detect this popup individually. But SaT can find all popups that say "User Message" in the titlebar of the popup, which this particular popup does. So, if you turn this setting on, SaT will move any 888 tables with a popup that says "User Message" into the grid.

This will only work for the built-in 888PacificPoker settings. It will not work for a custom site.

Close BovadaBodog "TOURNAMENT START" Popups

When a tournament is about to begin on Bovada, you will be sat at a table and the table will pop up. Along with that, a popup message will inform you that you are registered and will begin play. This popup has the words "TOURNAMENT START" in the titlebar. When this popup appears, you cannot click on any other Bovada table to take action. Nothing is allowed until this popup is closed. So, if this popup ends up in your stack, then it will be a pain to find, causing you to potentially sit out on other tables. This option will attempt to close these popups to avoid this problem.

Require "Logged In as" in the titlebar for Stars tables (excludes Replayer window)

The built-in PokerStars sites will detect all cash game tables as well as the Replayer window. Some people don't like that the Replayer gets detected. Normally the suggested action is to use an "Ignore Table" hotkey on the Replayer window. But some people put their New Tables in the stack and the Replayer window gets lost. The only way around that is to look for the text "Logged In as" in the titlebar of the window. If you turn this setting on, then the Replayer will correctly not get detected as a table. However, a side effect of this, is that cash game tables will not be detected while you are observing them. Only after you take a seat will the table be detected by SaT. Another side effect, is that when you get moved to a new table in a Tournament or Zoom, the words "Logged In as" get removed and then re-appear, causing the table to be detected as "New" again within SaT.

Click timebank on FullTiltPoker

This will click the timebank on FTP when the timebank button is detected. It only looks for the blue button, so if you have a custom theme or otherwise changed the colors of the buttons, then it will likely not work correctly. IMPORTANT: Some users have claimed that with a new FTP update, this feature is now causing tables to steal focus when SaT clicks the timebank button. Therefore, this setting is now turned OFF by default. Use it at your own risk and test it first.

Party FastForward fix

Sometimes when playing on Party FastForward tables, when you get dealt a new hand and seated at a new table, SaT will sometimes detect the table as "New", even though the table has been opened the entire time. If you notice that problem, then you can try turning on this option to fix it. Otherwise, this should always be turned off, because it can slow down SaT, or cause windows to be falsely detected as tables, or cause other grid related errors.

Auto accept PokerStars waitlists

This was added by request, and it is supposed to do exactly what it says. Unfortunately I believe there are some bugs with this feature.

Click PokerStars 'info' tab

This feature will click the 'info' tab on the PokerStars table, which is next to the Chat/Notes box. It will mostly be useful for tournament players, so they can see what ranking they are in and also the players remaining. See here for a technical explanation of how the feature works.