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Support for multi-tabling on Bodog/Bovada/Ignition Poker.

Poker client setup

You should have these two settings marked like so:

Issues to consider

  1. If you are running Win 8.1 or Win 10, please check this page for a Windows 8.1 fix or Windows 10 fix
  2. RButton (right mouse click) hotkeys will only work if you DO NOT pass the right click through (SaT will ask you what you want when you attempt to add it, choose 'no'). The hotkey should read "RButton", not "~RButton".
  3. On some ante games, such as 7stud H/L, Bovada will show buttons on the table for "Sit out" and "Post Ante". There is a checkbox on the table, to "Auto post blinds/antes". However, even with this checkbox checked, Bovada will still display those two buttons for a split second, and then activate the auto post ante checkbox. Because these buttons display for a split second, SaT sees the buttons and thinks that action is required. There is nothing that can be done about this, except complain to Bovada and tell them that if the checkbox is activated, there is no need for them to briefly display the buttons and then auto click them.
  4. The 'free' version of SaT that occurs after your trial period has expired, will not work for tournaments, only cash games.
  5. Just like with TruePoker, Bovada decides to use the same black color for their pre-action checkboxes as they use for the regular Fold/Call/Bet buttons. Therefore, SaT detects tables as needing action as soon as those pre-action checkboxes are visible, instead of when it is actually your turn to act. This results in the tables prematurely being detected as needing action. For more information on the potential problem, see this page.
  6. SaT relies on the Lobby to detect tables on this site. So please make sure that the Lobby is opened before you Start SaT. Should be fixed in 2.99.00+