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Currency format

In general, SaT expects the currency format to look like this: $16.50

- The currency symbol ($, €, £) should come before the amount ($16.50), not after the amount (16.50$)
- The separator symbol is the decimal point or period ($16.50), not the comma ($16,50)
- On certain sites (888 for exampe), SaT will look small cents symbol (¢), but not the large one (¢) which is sometimes found in Chinese languages.

All of these following currency and blind formats will NOT work in SaT:

0,01 $/0,02 $

If you notice SaT not detecting tables on certain sites, or the "Bet x bb" hotkey failing, sometimes this is the issue.

SaT looks at the title of the table in the titlebar at the top of the table window. If the currency format for the blinds are wrong, then there are three places to check for problems:

1. First is within the poker client itself. You want to make sure the poker site is displaying its language in English. Check to see if there is a option somewhere to change that. A few users fixed this by re-installing PartyPoker and choosing English as the language during the Party installation setup.

2. Second, is within Windows. Look under Control Panel -> Region -> Formats tab -> Choose "English (United States)"
See this screenshot. You may need to restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

3. If it still doesn't work, also try changing the System Locale in the same Control Panel. See this screenshot. Again, you may need to restart. As an alternative to this, you could try using the "beta highDPI" version on the downloads page.