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Full Tile Poker

Poker client setup

You should make sure this option is OFF in Full Tilt Poker:

Issues to consider

  1. RButton hotkeys will only work if you DO NOT pass the right click through (SaT will ask you what you want - choose No). The hotkey should read RButton, not ~RButton
  2. On smaller table sizes, FullTilt removes the middle BetSize button on the table. So you would use BetSize1 and BetSize3 hotkeys for the two that are displayed.
  3. You should turn on the setting inside Full Tilt to "Show Full size Cards"
  4. SaT relies on the Lobby to detect tables on this site. So please make sure that the FTP Lobby is opened before you Start the program.
  5. If you are running Win 8.1 or Win 10, please check the pages for Windows 8.1 fix or Windows 10 fix
  6. Choosing 'Fold to Any' for the Fold hotkey in advanced options won't work, because the Fold To Any checkbox moves to different locations depending if the FTP table is a cash game or rebuy tournament.
  7. The "sit out" hotkeys will only work on the Racetrack FTP table layout