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The "GGNetwork" site includes skins such as GGPoker, Natural8, BestPoker, and others

If you need support for your skin, use the menu item within the SaT software: Help -> Diagnostic -> Get Window Title.
You need to follow the instructions and do it for the Main Lobby for your skin. Then paste the results in the support forum and I will try to add it

Poker client setup

You should make sure these options are configured as shown within GG

Issues to consider

  1. Unfortunately, there is no option within the GGNetwork poker client to turn off the usual option to "pop up tables when action required". This means that SaT cannot control the tables from this network, and you will probably run into focus stealing problems. Complain to GGNetwork and tell them to add this option like all other poker sites have.
  2. If you get the "Button detected as black" error message during Include Site setup when you press F10, then you should cancel and go into Advanced Options and change the Scan Mode to "PW" and then try again. Unfortunately, PartyPoker doesn't like the "PW" scan mode, so you will likely have problems playing on both GGnet and Party sites with this scan mode.
  3. One user was told that using 3rd party software is in violation of the GGNetwork terms. This was a few years ago, so I don't know if it is still correct. See this link. Use SaT at your own risk.
  4. SAT needs to turn on the Windows setting for "Show window contents while dragging" in order to properly resize GG tables. If you have this setting turned off, SAT will notify you that it will be turned on.