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Hand grabbers

Some hand grabbers / card catchers will create a 'fake' poker table of another site, in order to allow the PT/HEM hud to display stats on these tables. This causes SaT to think that these are tables of another site. The KingsHands one will create a 'fake' PokerStars window, and the AcePokerSolutions one will create a 'fake' iPoker window.

If you are using the KingsHands hand grabber, and are also playing on PokerStars within SaT, you may need to turn ON the setting in SAT Advanced Options->Sites for "Require 'Logged In as' in the Stars title"

If tables are popping over each other and stealing focus, despite this test passing, then you may need to turn off and disable your hand grabber.

If you are noticing tables freezing, you can try simply ignoring the table from SaT by using the "Ignore Table" hotkey

The real solution is to complain to PT/HEM and demand that they support your site natively, so that there is no need for external 3rd party "hand grabbers"