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This page is for the OLD iPoker client. I'm pretty sure this software is retired now. I don't think any sites use it. You should use "iPokerNew" inside SAT.

iPoker is a major European network. Some example sites are Titan Poker, BetFred, WilliamHill, CoralPoker.

This site profile is for the old iPoker client. Currently, iPoker is starting to roll out their new beta software to some skins.
Please see the iPokerNew page for help with the new software.

The "iPoker_noChat" profile is also for the old client, but for players who like to close the chatbox. Read below

Poker client setup

You should make sure that these settings match yours:


Is your chatbox fullsize or hidden? See this image and issue #1 below. Most problems are due to the chatbox not being fullsize.

Issues to consider

  1. Built-in support only works when the chatbox is fully visible, which takes up about half the table width. So make sure that it is correct. If the chatbox is the wrong size, you will notice that the wrong action button is being clicked, for example, call instead of fold. If you want to have the chatbox minimized or hidden, then you will need to select "Other" from the Sites drop down list, and go through the Custom Site Wizard.
    There are now two iPoker site profiles within SaT. They differ only depending on the size of the chatbox that you use. You should use the "iPoker" site within SaT if you have a fullsize chatbox. In version 2.50, SaT now has a new site profile named "iPoker_noChat". Use this site if you prefer to keep your chatbox closed. There is no support for a half sized chatbox.
  2. Similarly, you must turn off the Widget Bar in the poker client's settings.
  3. Speed tables. The new Speed tables on iPoker use a half sized chatbox. Apparently, after you've opened a Speed table, if you then try to go and open a normal table, iPoker will open that normal table with a half sized chatbox. So you need to remember to maximize that chatbox on the normal tables, otherwise SaT will mess up. Another problem with Speed tables is that if the SpeedFold button is a different color than the normal Fold button, then SaT will not detect action required.
  4. There may be problems depending on which skin you play on, or if you have the table graphics modified. There are three problems to consider: 1. if the color of the fold button is the same as the table background behind the fold button when it is not visible, 2. if the color of the pre-action checkboxes are the same as the fold button color, and 3. if the fold button color changes considerably when you hover your mouse over it. Here is one graphics mod that has worked well during testing: iPoker table mod. For more information on the potential problem, see this page.
  5. No detection for Fold when you can Check for free. SaT can handle the popup on other sites but not iPoker. Should work in versions 2.71+
  6. The 'free' version of SaT that occurs after your trial period has expired, will not work for tournaments, only cash games.
  7. iPoker has no option for preferred seating, but instead has an option to Auto Center.
  8. The option within iPoker to "Set focus on bet amount" may break SaT's Increase/Decrease bet hotkeys if turned on.
  9. If you are running Win 8.1 or Win 10, please check this page for a Windows 8.1 fix or Windows 10 fix