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The Layout tab in the SaT window contains the main settings that will affect your gameplay.

Play Mode
The 'Play Mode' setting simply allows you to quickly set up the program. If you want to Stack your tables only, or if you want to Tile your tables only, then you can choose the appropriate option and many of the other settings on this window will be automatically chosen for you, to set up that particular mode. Using the 'Stack And Tile' mode allows you full control.

Move To Grid setting
The 'Move To Grid' setting is the main setting of the program. Basically it will determine when the tables will move out of the stack and into the grid. See the Move To Grid setting page for a complete description.

Visualize Grid
The 'Visualize Grid' button will show you what your current grid layout will look like. You can see an example of what will happen when you press this button here. Then, you can drag your grid slots to different locations on your screen. You will need to press F7 to save when you are finished. You will notice that you cannot resize your grid slots. If you want to change your grid size, you need to create a whole new layout by clicking the 'File' menu in the upper left and then clicking 'New Layout'.

+/- buttons
There are also '+' and '-' buttons which allow you to add or remove extra grid slots. Remember to click 'Visualize Grid' afterwards to you can place these slots where you want.

The slots settings will determine where tables will be placed. If you are not familiar with what a Stacked/New/Old table is, then visit the Table Types page.

The 'Stack slot' is self explanatory: it is the slot number to use to hold your stack of tables.

The 'New Tables slot' is where SaT will place all New Tables. By default this is set to "grid" which is actually not one specific slot, but the next open gridslot. If you choose a particular slot number, then that slot will be excluded from the grid. You can choose "0" to not use SaT's detection of New Tables at all, and then the tables will just stay where they appear.

The 'Old Tables slot' is where SaT will place all Old Tables in this location. This is also set to "grid" by default. Choose "0" if you do not want anything to happen to Old Tables. Choose "close" if you want SaT to close them. Closing a table might cause the poker client to give you a popup asking "Are you sure you want to close this table?" The duration to trigger Old Tables can be found in Advanced Options.