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A lot of time has went into providing built-in support for the euro sites (iPoker and OnGame networks). OnGame is a difficult site for poker software to work with. Many people lately have reported problems with OnGame. It seems that they have changed their software. There is no guarantee that OnGame will work correctly anymore.


OnGame is a collection of poker sites which all connect to the same network. Some example sites are Bwin, EuroPoker, Betfair. It is recommended to just include your site normally, and give it a shot. But if you run into problems during play, see below.

Poker client setup

  1. You should make sure that the chatbox is NOT VISIBLE on your poker tables.
  2. And you should also make sure this option is OFF in OnGame:

Issues to consider

  1. There may be problems depending on which skin you play on, or if you have the table graphics modified. There are 3 problems to consider: 1. if the color of the fold button is the same as the table background behind the fold button when it is not visible, 2. if the color of the pre-action checkboxes are the same as the fold button color, and 3. if the fold button color changes considerably when you hover your mouse over it. Here is one graphics mod that has worked well during testing: OnGame table mod. You might check this 2+2 thread for help too. One skin that has caused problems for users in the past is RedKings. For more information on the potential problem, see this page.
  2. no detection for Fold when you can Check for free
  3. The Fold hotkey in SaT will not click the pre-action fold checkbox
  4. SaT needs to Resize the tables to fit the grid size, but OnGame tables do not respond to normal resize commands. Instead, SaT has to resort to clicking and dragging the border, which isn't very reliable. If you run into problems with SaT resizing the tables, here is the recommended solution: When you start your session, only open up ONE OnGame table and let SaT resize it. Then, CLOSE the table. When you close the table, the OnGame software will 'remember' that table size and open up all new tables the same size by default, so that SaT will not need to resize them, since the OnGame client will do it.
  5. Scan Mode="PW" sometimes fails. Use either "DWM" or "BB".
  6. Because the OnGame software is so slow, you might need a larger Action Delay. See the 'Extra Advanced Options' help page.
  7. RButton hotkeys will only work if you DO NOT pass the right click through (SaT will ask you what you want). The hotkey should read "RButton", not "~RButton".