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These settings are for the PartyPoker network. These built-in settings will also work for PartyPoker Denmark, WPT Poker, bwin, and Gamebookers, BorgataPoker, PMU Poker, and Gioco Digitale skins.


SAT supports 3 different table graphics layouts from Party:


Party forces software updates which means that almost everyone should probably be using the PartyPokerNew profile

Poker client setup

You also need to change these settings as shown in the following images:

Issues to consider

  1. The setting within Party for "3 colour action buttons" must be turned on. See the setup images above. If it was off, then turn it on, and then Remove and re-Include the site in SAT.
  2. A few users have reported that Party has a bug, where tournament tables will be activated/focused/brought to the top at the start of the tournament and also when someone gets knocked out. Apparently Party does this by itself. If so, this is a major bug and players should email Party and tell them to fix it.
  3. When playing on Party, you should make sure all of your slots are on-screen. If your stack slot is partially off-screen, you should at least make sure that the fold/call/bet buttons are visible (meaning you should use the left side of the table as the part that is off-screen).
  4. The Advanced Option for Scan Mode = "PW" or "BB" sometimes causes tables to flicker, you should use "DWM" if possible
  5. Some features like the "Bet x bb" hotkeys depend on a certain currency format to be dispalyed in the title bar. See that page for information if this is failing.
  6. Unfortunately, the BetSize buttons in the Party client are not configurable for PLO games, only for NLHE.
  7. If you are using the PartyCaption theme which changes the table graphics, and the tables fail the normal Test of not going to the stack or grid at the correct times, you may need to add this line to your config file: color_variation=16. If that doesn't work, then try color_variation=8. See the Extra Advanced Options page for full instructions on how to add this setting.
  8. Using the "Activate table under mouse" setting may prevent things like assigning a note icon to players. If you must use this feature, you can set up a hotkey to "Toggle activate table under mouse", and then press that hotkey to toggle the setting off and then back on during your session.
  9. Party doesn't scale their tables correctly when using 150% scaling in Windows, so SaT is unable to scan the graphics on the table with this scaling %. If you must use 150% scaling with PartyPoker, a workaround that worked for one user, was to follow solution #1 on this page, BUT instead of doing it for the PartyPoker shortcut, do it for the SAT shortcut, and choose DPI Override=System. This is not recommend in most cases because it potentially breaks other sites. In general you should not turn on the DPI Override for SAT. You can test it and see if it works for you.
  10. One user said that he needed to have the stacksizes displayed in $ and not in BB, otherwise the tables wouldn't Include into SaT
  11. The "Bet x bb" hotkey won't work on Party tournaments, because the blinds aren't displayed in the title bar of tournament tables. Attempted fix for this in v2.98.04
  12. SaT relies on the Lobby to detect tables on this site. So please make sure that the Lobby is opened BEFORE you press Start in the program.Should be fixed in v2.99.00