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PokerStars support is complete.

Stars new software uses its Aurora graphics engine, and no longer give you the option to turn that off. So you should choose the "PokerStarsAurora" site to Include into SAT.

Poker client setup

You should make sure these options are configured as shown within PokerStars:

Buttons 1 and 3 are only required if you use SAT's "Bet Pot%" hotkeys. Button 4 is only required if you use SAT's "All-in" hotkey

Issues to consider

  1. If Stars is lagging for you, you can try turning the aurora graphics settings to "HIGH" inside the PokerStars client. This is counter-intuitive. Normally you would think that turning it to "LOW" would increase performance. Who knows why, but multiple people have said that turning it to "HIGH" has made the lag go away. Some people also have said that using the Carbon Lite theme inside Stars gives better performance as well.
  2. Tournament players: in the 2nd screenshot above, you can see that you are expected to turn off the setting to "Display Optional Table Graphics". However, one player has said that on certain tournaments, this option does nothing, and the special tournament theme does not change. He said that the optional tournament theme was using the Mercury theme graphics. If this happens to you, the solution is to change all of your Stars tables to use Mercury theme, that way all tables will look the same, and then re-Include the site for that theme.
  3. If you play on multiple versions of Pokerstars such as .EU, .ES, .FR, .IT, you will need to make sure that you are using the same table theme inside each client. Then within SaT, make sure you only Include one PokerStars site which matches the correct table theme. Also, you will need to make sure that the table sizes are the same in both skins. If you get "FAILURE RESIZING" errors in SAT, then there are a few things to check. First, make sure that you have this option consistent on all skins. Then try Removing and re-Including the site into SAT. If you still get the "FAILURE RESIZING" error, you could also check to make sure that you have "Compatibility Mode" turned off for all skins. Right click the shortcut icon, choose Properties, then choose the Compatibility tab, and make sure "Compatibility Mode" is turned off, then re-Include.
  4. One user reported problems playing on Pokerstars.IT, he said that you must change the language to English in the client.
  5. Hand Replayer window gets detected as if its a normal table. You can use an "Ignore Table" hotkey to prevent this. Alternatively, there is a checkbox in Advanced Options to "Require 'Logged in as' in the titlebar" which will cause the replayer to not be detected, but as a side effect any observed tables will also not be detected, and also when you get moved to a new table in a tournament or zoom, the tables will drop out and be re-detected as New.
  6. If you want the Fold+Stack hotkey to work for both Fold and Check, you must make sure that PokerStars displays the popup window which asks, "Are you sure you want to fold? You can check for free." PokerStars has an option where you can disable this popup and have it 'remember' your choice. If you have chosen this in the past, it will not work with SaT. You need to re-enable the popup, by selecting this option.
  7. Zoom tables will most likely be detected as requiring action when the fast-fold button appears, rather than just the fold button. I have tried to fix this as best as possible
  8. After the trial period has expired and the program reverts to 'free' mode, Zoom tables will continually be detected as 'New Tables' because the blinds level are removed from the titlebar after each hand. This problem does not occur in the paid versions, nor while in the trial period.
  9. The rebuy dropdown won't stay open when you are using the Advanced Option to "Activate table under mouse". If you must use this feature, you can set up a hotkey to "Toggle activate table under mouse", and then press that hotkey to toggle the setting off and then back on during your session.
  10. Sometimes, the End of Hand may be incorrectly detected, based on computer lag of the flop animation. If you are noticing random problems with this, try turning off card animations within the PokerStars client
  11. It is not required to turn off Stars built-in hotkeys, but if you are having problems with SAT hotkeys, you should try turning off Stars hotkeys first to make sure that there is no conflict.
  12. If you use the PokerGraphics table mod "HM Classic", you could try the "PokerStarsNova" site in SaT. One user said that he had to first allow Stars to update itself, and then re-install the PokerGraphics mod with these TableNinja options turned on. But if PokerGraphics prevents Stars from updating, things probably won't work well. In that case, you may need to create a custom site.