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Quick Start Guide

The application now has a tutorial walkthrough that will guide you through these steps automatically when you first run the program. It is recommended that you follow the walkthrough on your first time using the program. The tutorial walkthrough can also be accessed via the 'Help' menu. The instructions below are left here for reference.

The best way to see what works for you is to play around with the software. Here is a quick way to set it up:

  1. Setup Grid - Upon first run, the program will give you a wizard to define your table size and grid layout. You can also reach this wizard by using File -> New Config.
  2. Visualize Grid - allows you to see what your grid will look like
  3. Leave all settings as is, for now. (default 'Move To Grid' setting = Action Required)
  4. Sites - include your poker sites that you play on, paying special attention to the directions for grabbing the Fold button. Then, turn off each site's option to "bring tables to front" to prevent this focus stealing

Remember to click Save after every setting change.

What to expect

Now that you're set up, press Start and open up some poker tables (use play money when testing). Each table should open into your grid, starting at slot 2 (this is because the New Tables setting defaults to putting the tables into the grid). When the action comes to you on each table, you can play the hand. If you click 'Fold', the table should return to the stack (slot 1). The stack will be the placeholder for all your tables. Now as each table in the stack requires your action, the table will be moved into the next available grid slot for you to act on. When you 'Fold', it will return back to the stack.

More descriptions by clicking on the blue labels in the software. Once you get the hang of this, you can automate your play using Hotkeys.

There are quite a few different options in the program. But, just start playing and don't worry about the settings. Then as you notice some problems as you play, you can look for an option or hotkey to solve the problem, or just ask in the forums.