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Supported Sites

If you go to the Sites tab, there will be a drop down list of sites to include. You will notice many major sites here. These are the sites that have built-in support.

Each site has its own specific quirks and requires specific setup, so click on the link to go to the help page for each specific site.

Supported sites built in:

"My site isn't listed!"

A great feature of StackAndTile is that it can work with almost any poker site. There is support for the major sites built-in, but there is also the ability for user-created custom site configurations. This means that if you play on a little known site, and SaT has no official built-in support, you can still configure it yourself. Also, if a built-in poker site comes out with a new update, and SaT is not updated quickly enough, you will still be able to configure it yourself to be up and running, with no disturbance of play.

You will have to create a configuration for that site yourself. It's not too difficult. Click on 'Other...' from the drop down list, and then click Include Site. After that, a wizard will launch, which will guide you through the settings to create your own custom site configuration. For futher details of that process, go to this link: Custom Site Tutorial.

The ability to allow the user to support his/her own custom site was born out of necessity. Some European sites won't allow a player from the USA to even use play money. So I was unable to test StackAndTile on those sites. But there are plenty of users who are successfully using SaT on other smaller networks.