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Tables moving to grid at the wrong time


1. Tables not needing action are moving from the stack to the grid before it is your turn to act.
2. Tables not needing action are popping to the top of the stack and stealing focus from other tables.
3. You try to send tables back to the stack, but they immediately pop back into grid.


SaT works by looking for the color of the Fold button. This color is grabbed during Include Site setup. When that color is found, then SaT thinks that the Fold button is visible, and that it is your turn to act, and popping the table into grid (or to the top of the stack) by design. You could confirm this by turning on the Action Required notification in Advanced Options, and looking for a popup to appear at the wrong time.


If that is the problem, then it is likely that you made a mistake during Include Site setup, when you were asked to press F10 to Fold your hand. You need to remove the site from SaT and re-Include it. This will allow SaT to grab the color of the Fold button again, in case things got messed up.

However, this problem can exist on some poker sites, and removing the site and re-Including it will not fix the problem. Some sites that have this problem are WinningPoker, PokerStarsHyperSimple, and Bodog. See below.

Look at these images:

Here is a picture of the table with the normal fold/call/bet buttons visible. During Include Site, SaT asks you to press F10 to Fold. When you would press F10, SaT would look at the Fold button and save the 'blue' color that it sees. Then during gameplay, when SaT sees 'blue', it will think that the Fold button is visible, and then move the table to the grid.

After you click Fold, the Fold button will disappear and SaT will then see 'black' on the table, and it will do nothing. SaT will keep scanning the table until it sees 'blue' again.

Here, you can see that the pre-action checkboxes appear before it is your turn to act. These checkbox buttons allow you to take your action before it is your turn. However, as you can see, there is a problem. TruePoker uses the same 'blue' color for both the real Fold button and the checkbox button. Therefore, SaT will think that it is your turn to act and move the table incorrectly.

PokerStarsHyperSimple has the same problem . Both the real Fold button and the checkboxes are the same 'light blue' color. (A fix for HyperSimple has been developed in SaT version v2.67)

This is an example of a good site that does not have the problem. Look at the images for PokerStarsBlack. You can see the Fold button is 'red' and the checkbox is 'black'. These colors are different. Most sites are like this. This allows SaT to work properly

Unfortunately, if your site has this problem of using the same color for the checkboxes and the real fold button, then there is not much you can do. You would need to either 1. somehow try to modify the table graphics to change the color of ALL the Fold/Call/Bet buttons or the checkboxes (some sites allow you to modify the table graphics) , or 2. change to a different skin on the same network that uses different colors for the checkboxes and the actual buttons, or 3. just live with the problem with the tables popping up early.