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Unibet support has been REMOVED


Unibet prohibits the use of ANY helper software that interacts with its poker client. I was not aware of this rule of theirs.

I have been contacted by a Unibet representative on the 2+2 forums. The representative agreed that my software is not malicious and that he doesn't have any problem with it, however, he said they have a hard rule of disallowing all software. He warned me that players using my software could be in violation of their Terms of Service and potentially have their account banned.

I have made the decision to remove support for Unibet from the built-in sites list for the safety of our players. Of course, you can still use the Custom Site Creator, and add support for any site yourself, and probably get this functionality working. But if you choose to do this for Unibet, you do so at your own risk.

Poker client setup

You should make sure the "Table Prioritisation" option is OFF in Unibet:

Issues to consider

  1. For me, SaT always would detect that action was required, so the tables would never stay in the stack. I tested this unsuccessfully on a Windows7 virtual machine. But the customer who helped me add support for this site was using Windows10 and it worked for him. So feedback is required
  2. You should use the all black table background. You can change this in the poker client settings show in the same screenshot above. Click on the "Change Background" setting
  3. SaT cannot detect when you click Fold when instead you can Check for free on this site. On most other sites, they display a popup window and SaT can find that. But on Unibet, the popup is built into the table, instead of a separate window.