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Virus false positives

I understand that this program is getting detected by some anti virus programs.

The program is written using AutoHotkey (AHK). Many times AHK scripts grab keyboard and mouse input, in order to respond to 'hotkeys'. This same behavior is part of many viruses and malware which capture keystrokes, and that is causing the problem. This is why AutoHotkey programs get falsely detected as a virus. If you google "autohotkey virus" or "autohotkey false positive" you can confirm that this is a common issue.

AntiVirus companies have responsibility in this since this issue is long standing. The best we can do is keep submitting the files and hammering on their support reps to do a better job with their detection methods.

Here was Avira's response when I submitted a previous version of the file many years ago:

And below is a more recent discussion thread from 2016. A user reported that his virus scanner went off. And was reporting 4/57 detections. I then submitted the file for review and all reports were cleared:

I've since been submitting the files each time and the virus companies always come back saying that the detection is a false positive. I've commented on this before in the thread on 2+2. All I can say is that I'm not writing viruses or malware. Bottom line is, be smart, use at your own risk. If you don't trust the program, or are worried in any way, don't use it. Online poker players need to be especially careful.

If you get a warning, my recommendation is to submit the file as a 'false positive report' to your AV company. This page provides links and emails to submit the file to the most popular AV products. Then you will get a response personally from the AV company and you can have your own peace of mind.