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Support for Winamax.FR

Poker client setup

  1. You must set your language to English in the client.
  2. The chat box (which extends out of the right side of the table) must be hidden.
  3. You should choose a dark table background such as "Tungsten"
  4. Winamax sometimes runs some special series which change the table background, check the image below to turn it off
  5. Finally, you should make sure these options are configured in Winamax:

Issues to consider

  1. The 'Bet % Pot' hotkey will not work on this site, because they do not allow you to copy and paste the existing betsize out of the betbox. Email the site and complain that you should be allowed to copy and paste the betsize in the betbox
  2. Winamax tables may be larger or smaller than your normal grid slot size, causing some overlap. This problem is due to the fact that each poker site uses different proportions and dimensions for their table. You can verify this yourself, without SaT. Resize a PokerStars table with your mouse. Then, again with your mouse, try to resize the Winamax table to the same size. Drag the tables over each other. You will find that they will not overlap completely, no matter what you do. If you don't like this, there is an alternative you can try. Create a new layout with File->New Layout. When it asks you to define your grid slot size, resize a Winamax table using your mouse to the size you want. Then click on the table and press F7. This will make SaT use the Winamax size as the default size for all of your gridslots. This should work perfect if Winamax is the only site you play on. If you play on other sites, it will cause those sites to conform to Winamax's dimensions. But, this will probably be better than the other way around.
  3. SaT needs to Resize the tables to fit the grid size, but Winamax tables do not respond to normal resize commands. Instead, SaT has to resort to clicking and dragging the border, which isn't the most reliable. If you run into problems with SaT resizing the tables, here is the recommended solution: When you start your session, only open up ONE Winamax table and allow SaT resize it. Then, CLOSE the table. When you close the table, the Winamax software will 'remember' that table size and open up all new tables the same size by default, so that SaT will not need to resize them, since the Winamax client will do it.
  4. Winamax's setting to "Enable active table popup" is shown in the image above. SaT requires you always turn these settings off within the poker clients. However, on Winamax, this setting works different than nearly every other poker site, in the fact that even with this setting turned off, Winamax tables will STILL steal focus from other applications. The setting will correctly not steal focus ONLY when the current active table is another Winamax table. In that case, it will obey its setting and not steal focus. See this video I created showing the problem. This looks like it has been fixed in a newer update from Winamax. I am no longer seeing this issue.
  5. SaT cannot detect when you click Fold when instead you can Check for free on this site. On most other sites, they display a popup window and SaT can find that. But on Winamax, they don't display a popup, but they simply change the buttons within the table. Attempted fix for this in v2.83