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Windows 10 fix

Windows 8.1 introduced some "features" to accommodate mixing and matching high resolution monitors with other displays, and Windows 10 has these same features. This can sometimes break SaT, especially if you are using multiple monitors. If your tables are not passing this test, you may need to make these changes below.

So try these in order, if you are having problems on Windows 10. And afterwards, remember to Remove and re-Include your sites. #1 below is usually enough to solve the problems. #2 is usually required if you are running 150% scaling or higher.


  • Right click on your Desktop and choose "Display Settings".
  • Then click for Custom Scaling or Advanced Scaling Settings.
  • Then only change the Custom Scaling at the bottom. Type in the scaling level you want, and log off and log in. This will change the size of the windows and icons on your screen, so you may need to test a few different percentages. You should choose increments of 25%, so something like 100%, 125%, 150%. And if you want 125% and its already at 125%, then you will need to first change it to 100%, log off, then change it back to 125% and logoff again.

    Older versions of Win10 will have this setting in the Control Panel. Go to Control Panel. First click on "View by: Small Icons" in the upper right of the Control Panel window. Then click on "Display". Then, in the Display section, click on set a custom scaling level.

  • After you make this change, you will see this message in red. Just ignore that. Don't turn off the custom scaling.
  • Finally, Remove and re-Include your sites and Test to make sure everything works. If the Test passes, there is no need to do #2 below.

2. This is usually only necessary if you are using 150% or higher scaling within Windows. For whatever pokersite you are having problems with, find the shortcut that you use to open the poker client. For example, if you open up PokerStars by clicking the PokerStars shortcut file on your Desktop, then thats what you will need. Right click that shortcut icon, and then select 'Properties'. Then click the tab 'Compatibility'. Then click 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings' or 'Change high DPI settings'. On newer versions of Win10, this setting is renamed to "Override high DPI scaling behavior", and comes with a dropdown, where you will want to choose "Application" in the dropdown. Then click OK, then click Apply. After changing this, you will need to Close the poker site completely, and then re-open it. You may notice that the poker site now looks a little different, maybe the fonts are a different size, or the lobby and tables are smaller. You will have to live with this. Then, Remove and re-Include the site within SaT, and see test to see if it works.

Those two above should be the go-to solutions. These fixes #3 and #4 below should NOT need to be used and are only here for reference.

3. You could try to follow the instructions in this 2+2 post, which explains how to edit your registry, to change the DPI scaling on a system wide basis (rather than just for one single application which is what solution #1 shows). That post also shows how to create a backup of the registry settings that we are modifying. These registry settings were found from this link. (This procedure in #2 should change some of the registry settings that are mentioned here, so #2 should be all you need.)

4. Finally, you can try this tool. I make no guarantees as to how well it works, nor if its clean or not. Some people have said it worked. I believe it just changes the same registry settings that are shown in Solution #3, but I can't be certain.

Afterwards, you will notice that the size of some certain things in that app will have changed, such as fonts and maybe graphics.