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Winning Poker

These settings should work for all sites on the Winning Poker network, which includes TruePoker as well as AmericasCardRoom and Black Chip Poker

If you play on the "Jackpot" tables, you will also need to include the separate site "WinningPokerJackpot".

Poker client setup

You should make sure these options are off:


Issues to consider:

  1. The 'Bet % Pot' hotkey will not work on this site, because they do not allow you to copy and paste the existing betsize out of the betbox. Email the site and complain that you should be allowed to copy and paste the betsize in the betbox
  2. If you want to use Right Mouse Click as a hotkey, you must answer "NO" when SAT asks if you want to pass the click through to the underlying window. That's because when you Right Click on a WPN table, WPN shows a felt color popup option, and this will interfere with SAT's hotkeys. After you add the hotkey, it should read RButton and not ~RButton
  3. Some features like the "Bet x bb" hotkeys depend on a certain currency format to be dispalyed in the title bar. See that page for information if this is failing.
  4. TruePoker uses a dark blue color for the fold/call/bet buttons, and sometimes this can conflict with the table background. If you notice tables always being detected as action required, and the tables fail the normal Test of not going to the stack or grid at the correct times, you may need to add this line to your config file: color_variation=16. If that doesn't work, then try color_variation=8. See the Extra Advanced Options page for full instructions on how to add this setting.
  5. For some reason, the pre-action checkboxes on Winning Poker are the same color as the actual Fold/Call/Bet buttons. So its likely that SaT will mistakenly think that the Fold button is visible, when in fact, it is not visible, but rather only the pre-fold checkbox is visible. This will cause SaT to think that action is required on the tables too early. For more information on the potential problem, see this page.Should be fixed in v2.4.01