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These settings should work for all sites on the Winning Poker network, which includes TruePoker as well as AmericasCardRoom and Black Chip Poker

Poker client setup

You should make sure these options match inside your client:

Issues to consider:

  1. The 'Bet % Pot' hotkey will not work on this site on the normal SAT download, because they do not allow you to copy and paste the existing betsize out of the betbox. However, if you use the "highDPI" download, that has a new method that does work.
  2. If you want to use Right Mouse Click as a hotkey, you must answer "NO" when SAT asks if you want to pass the click through to the underlying window. That's because when you Right Click on a WPN table, WPN shows a felt color popup option, and this will interfere with SAT's hotkeys. After you add the hotkey, it should read RButton and not ~RButton. If your hotkey says ~RButton then you will need to Remove it and re-Add it
  3. Some features like the "Bet x bb" hotkeys depend on a certain currency format to be dispalyed in the title bar. See that page for information if this is failing.