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After spending several hours with Stack and Tile, I’d say it delivers on all accounts.
SaT alone will likely help you impressively increase your volume.. This is the setup I use to play 45+ tables.
Just bought the StackAndTile software and it really rocks, managed to ship my 2nd triplecrown in 2 days! For all multitabling grinders out there: this is a must! Stack and Tile it baby. Using Stack and Tile you can go from 8 tables to 15 without noticing much of a difference.
SaT truly is awesome, it lets me stack all my tables in my normal spot and it'll only pull out tables to the "grid" if I manually hotkey it there. This is a sick program for using on bubble spots. It's super easy to setup and use, and the way it works in game is so easy, I'd highly recommend it to any grinder out there.
This software is amazing. It took me 10 mins of reading, 5 mins of setup, and about 10 mins to steadily increase the max tables I play from 8 to 16. That's 25 minutes of work and I am doubling my volume. You are amazing. I highly recommend this program.
Not spending time dragging tables different places is absolutely huge. Instead of diverting my attention away from the action, I now just tap a button. So, yea I 100% recommend Stack And Tile.
d2themfi(link is external)
LeggoPoker cash pro
Just bought a sub after getting tired of TN2. This is a brilliant piece of software - when someone like me can go from around 25 MTTs per session to 60+ it's saying something.

How much more can I make?

An example... (assumptions underlined)

Suppose you play 80 hours of poker per month (which is less than 3 hours per day). And assume that SaT allows you to add 4 extra tables to your sessions. The average table deals 60 hands per hour.

As a result, you will have played an extra 19,200 hands during that month. (80 * 60 * 4)

At a modest winrate of 2 big blinds per 100 hands, you will have made extra 384 big blinds during that month. (19200 * 2bb/100 = 384)

At mid stakes $1/$2 tables, (384 * $2 big blind) = $768 more per month. You can do the math for your stakes.

That is a conservative but reasonable estimate. Many people are playing more than 4 extra tables with SaT. Many people also play more than 3 hours a day. Also, you can include the extra rakeback you will generate and quickly see how the software more than pays for itself.