Multi-tabling, the easy way.

Do you feel rushed when you play multiple poker tables?

The StackAndTile software will move and organize your poker tables around your screen. It allows you to only focus on the tables that are important, while the un-important tables are moved out of the way and "off your radar."

This application is designed for professional players to help make multi-tabling easier.

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Watch StackAndTile demo
Forgive the video quality. I'm a poker player, not a public speaker ;)

Not spending time dragging tables different places is absolutely huge. Instead of diverting my attention away from the action, I now just tap a button. So, yea I 100% recommend Stack And Tile.
LeggoPoker cash pro
Awesome. This is one of those "where have you been all my life" programs, and you can easily increase the number of tables you are playing by a lot. Thanks for your hard work.