Support for 888Poker/PacificPoker.

Choosing which built-in site profile within SaT

In the Sites dropdown list, you will find 5 different site profiles for 888. Here are the 3 main ones:

  • 888PacificPoker
  • 888PacificPokerQT
  • 888Poker

The newest update for 888 has removed the chatbox from the table. If you click Help->About within 888, and the Poker Version is 4.7, then you have the latest, and you should use the "888Poker" site in SaT.

If you still have the chatbox on the table, then you want to use the next oldest which would be the "888PacificPokerQT" site. This might work for the WSOP skin

The very very oldest is the 888PacificPoker site, but I don't think anyone should use this anymore.

If you use the HM Classic theme from PokerGraphics, then you will want to choose this site. However, some people have reported that its not working. Support for this custom theme is not guaranteed

  • 888PgHmClassic
  • 888PgHmClassicQT

Poker client setup

You should make sure this option is off in 888Poker:

And for best results you should use this table theme background:

Issues to consider

  1. SaT relies on the Lobby to detect tables on this site. So you must make sure that you only press the Start button AFTER the 888 Main Lobby is already open.
  2. If you are running 888 as administrator, you must also make sure to run SaT as administrator too.
  3. At some smaller grid slot sizes, SaT has problems detecting if an 888 table requires action or not. If you suspect you have this problem, the first thing you should do is run the test described on this page. If that test fails then you do have the problem. This problem may arise on 888 specifically because the fold/call/bet buttons on 888 are full black in color, except for a small section at the bottom of each button which displays some color. SaT attempts to grab this small color location. So, its best if your table is larger in size so that this colored part is as large as possible for SaT to 'see'. What I recommend trying is creating a new layout, using the menu item File -> New Layout, and when it asks you to press F7 to set a default base grid slot size, use an 888 table and make the table medium sized and then click the table and press F7. Then go ahead and Include your sites and hotkeys and test again and see if it works.
  4. For the Free version of SaT to work on the cents tables, SaT needs to be able to detect the cent ยข symbol. If SaT is not detecting the tables, it is probably because you are using a non-English language within Windows itself. You will need to change the 'System Locale' setting in the 'Region' Control Panel. Discussion here and here.
  5. No detection for Fold when you can Check for free. SaT can handle the popup on other sites but not 888. Should work in v2.71+
  6. At the moment, the Free and Small Stakes versions will fail on Play Money tables, since SaT is currently reading the play money stakes as real money stakes
  7. If you want to play on both 888 and the WSOP skin at the same time, you should not use the built-in "888PacificPoker" site. Instead, see the instructions here. Not sure if this still works today.
  8. If you want to play on WSOP by itself, you can try Including the old "888PacificPokerQT" site within SAT
  9. If you are running Win 8.1 or Win 10, please check this page for a Windows 8.1 fix or Windows 10 fix
  10. SNAP tables by default change the background image of the table, which will cause SaT to incorrectly detect whether action is required or not. Make sure to turn off the setting as shown in the image at the top of this page.