GG Network problem

I`m trying to add GGNetwork to my SaT sites but something isn`t working.

I`m playing on Natural8, when I add the table and try to fold it gives me a message that "The FOLD button has been detected as BLACK and it could be a problem" etc. But it still ends up folding. (i`m just stating this in case it has something to do with why it isn`t working properly)

So the problem is that the table just refuses to go to into the stack slot. it always stays in GRID and I can`t do anything about it. 

I tried to just create a new layout and start with GG Network but that didn`t help either. So I don`t know what else I can do.
Yeah if the fold button is detected as black then that would certainly cause your problems. You should almost never ignore that message.

What version of Windows are you on? And what Scan Mode are you using in SAT's Advanced Options?
Windows 10, scan mode is DWM
(03-19-2019, 04:09 AM)flowberry Wrote: Windows 10, scan mode is DWM

One other user reported this as well.

Can you try this and let me know if it works:

Turn off Hardware Acceleration within Chrome. Type "chrome://settings" in the address bar, scroll to the bottom, click "Advanced" to see more settings. Then UN-check "Use hardware acceleration". Restart the broswer. Then re-Include GGnetwork, and see if you still get the button detected as black
Just tried it, unfortunately I still get the same message Sad
Ok. You can change that setting back then.

Can you try using PW scan mode in Advanced Options and see if that works?
That seems to have fixed it thank you!

But it does show a message now that "aero theme was recognized and I should switch to DWM to improve my performance".

Is that something I should be concerned about? (I`m using SaT for iPoker, 888, microgaming and pokerstars).
I`m at the end of my session right now, 2 tables left and SaT is working fine with the PW scan mode, at least on PS and 888.
Yeah PW scan mode has worse performance than DWM, but some sites such as Bodog (and maybe GGnetwork now) require it. You can ignore the Aero message.

I'd test to be sure that your other sites are working properly. If you notice any problems then just Remove and re-Include them.

Let me know how it goes
ok, thank you very much!

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