SaT not working on stars es+eu
After goin from w7 to w10 , i cant get stars to work , i get this error: , this how lobbys look too , they have different boarders:

I tryed making new layout , making them different size , from biggest possible to smallest , adding .es first , or .eu first, they are always different and i get that error i mentioned before. I tryed the solution written on site, where you change w10 theme but the tables still are not the same size: and nothin works for me. 

*Atleast switchin to w10 fixed my ipoker issue. Hopefully we can fix this now.
It seems that i found the fix , after reinstalling both .es and eu , i went to compatibility and switched its mode to run for w7 , im not sure if that will cause me some future errors, but SaT is working now how its supposed/tables are same size. Thats the only solution i came up with...
First, I don't recommend changing the win10 theme. That suggestion was just to show that the 'gaps' you see are not really gaps. Just that the default Win10 theme makes the resizing borders invisible, but those borders still do exist even though you cannot see them.

Based on your first screenshot, it looks like .eu client is running in 100% scaling, and .es is running in 125%. How many monitors do you have? And what is your scaling in Windows?

I also am not sure about using Win7 compatibility mode. I would turn that off, and try #2 on this page instead:

And I'm glad moving to win10 has fixed iPoker. I am still working on trying to figure out a new scan mode that might work on win7, but there's no guarantees. And Microsoft is going to be ending support for Win7 next month anyway, so really most people should be upgrading asap

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