A little bit frustrated

Im having problems in creating a new layout, this has happened before and last time you helped me via Skype.

Now i change the cable of my monitor and i cannot pass the include site step, it doesnt fold and tell something about a black button in WPN.

Is a little bit frsutrating that every time i change something, i have troubles with sat (i like your app), so i would like to understand how it works in order to dont have to come to the forum everytime i make a change.

The show testing info shows something is not working fine

Please Help
I made a change in the most recent version, because some people were having problems with WPN:

You shouldn't ignore the "button detected as black" error. You should try Removing the site, and Including it again, but before you press F9, click the "..." button link, and change the Scan Mode to "PW", then see if it works succesfully.

If it still fails after that, click File->Current Layout, and paste me everything

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