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Yearly discount

Get three months free when you sign up for an annual yearly subscription.

Refer A Friend

If you refer a friend to StackAndTile and your friend signs up, you will get one month free on your subscription. During the checkout process, there is a textbox asking, "How did you hear about StackAndTile?" Your friend must input your email address that you used to sign up for StackAndTile in that box for you to qualify. The system will automatically credit you a free month on your monthly subscription. If you have a yearly subscription, email support (at) stackandtile (dot) com so we can work it out.

Starting a goals/challenge thread on 2+2

The 2+2 website has a popular Goals and Challenges forum where players start threads and post their progress as they try to reach a certain goal. If you plan on using SaT to assist you, get in touch with us before you start your thread, and maybe we will sponsor you and give you SaT for free for the duration of your challenge..