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Bet Size Hotkeys

These 5 hotkeys are simply shortcuts to click the built-in buttons on the poker table. Look at these examples for Stars, Party, and Merge:

The numbers 1-5 increase in order from left to right to match the buttons on the table. If a table has fewer than 5 buttons, then only the available buttons will work (for example Stars only displays 4 buttons, so the 'Bet Size 5' hotkey within SaT will have no use on that site). Similarly, if a site has more than 5 buttons, only the first 5 will be able to be clicked with the hotkeys (Merge has 8 buttons, only the first 5 will work).

Many poker sites will allow you to configure these buttons (ex: Stars) so you can specify exactly which amounts you want to bet for each button. You will need to look in each poker site's options to see if they can be configured. This can be used so that the size amounts are consistent for each button number across multiple sites. This is typically what you would want. So you may set up the 3rd button to be "66% pot" on all of your sites, and then you would use the "BetSize3" hotkey within SaT to act as your "66% pot" hotkey.

There is also an Advanced Option which will also click the Bet button after the BetSize is clicked, so that you don't have to hit two hotkeys.

Custom Sites

Unfortunately, I did not update the Custom Site Wizard to include these new settings. Therefore, if you want to add this ability to your own custom site that SaT doesn't support, then you will need to manually edit the .ini file that was created by the wizard, which would be located in the C:/Program Files/StackAndTile/Sites/ folder. You will need to add a setting for the x and y location for each of these buttons. The settings are named appropriately betsize1_x_coord= and betsize1_y_coord= and you would want to use the coordinates for these buttons, relative to the table size that is used at the top of the file in the standard_table_width= and standard_table_height= settings.

The easiest way to get coordinates relative to that table size, would be to create a new layout with File -> New Layout, and instead of pressing F7, specifically type in those standard_table_width/height numbers as your grid slot sizes. Then add the site into SaT in this layout. Then press Start and let SaT to resize the table. After the table is resized, then press Stop. Then, wait until its your turn to act and the bet size buttons are visible on the table. Then use SaT's menu Help->Diagnostic->Take screenshot with DWM (if the DWM screenshot fails, try GDIP). Then open up the file with MS Paint. Then at the bottom of MS Paint you will see x/y values as you move your mouse around. Find the x/y value in the center of the bet size button and add the numbers to your config. Then save the config file, and use File -> Open Layout to go back to your normal SaT layout

For example, here is what an example config for PokerStars could look like (just for demonstration, not intended to be used):

buttons=fold,call,bet action_button=fold
fold_button_x_coord=440 fold_button_y_coord=530 fold_button_region_topleft_x_coord=414 fold_button_region_topleft_y_coord=513 fold_button_region_bottomright_x_coord=536 fold_button_region_bottomright_y_coord=572
call_button_x_coord=567 call_button_y_coord=530 call_button_region_topleft_x_coord=541 call_button_region_topleft_y_coord=513 call_button_region_bottomright_x_coord=663 call_button_region_bottomright_y_coord=572
bet_button_x_coord=690 bet_button_y_coord=530 bet_button_region_topleft_x_coord=668 bet_button_region_topleft_y_coord=513 bet_button_region_bottomright_x_coord=790 bet_button_region_bottomright_y_coord=572
betsize1_x_coord=661 betsize1_y_coord=464 betsize2_x_coord=714 betsize2_y_coord=464 betsize3_x_coord=762 betsize3_y_coord=464
table_class=PokerStarsTableFrameClass table_include_title_text=

Notice the betsize#_x/y_coord settings near the bottom. Since Stars only has 3 bet size buttons on its table, there are only settings for 3. If your site has more buttons, you'll need to add betsize4 x/y and betsize5 x/y settings as well.
(Stars has since added a 4th betsize button on its table)