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The Revolution Network has been renamed to the Horizon network, but within SaT it is still named "Revolution".

Their poker client is one of the worst that I've ever seen. I've finally gotten it to work somewhat. Individual skins include Juicy Stakes and Intertops. There is no guarantee that Revolution will work correctly. Some users on win10 report that it works fine. Others say that SaT cannot scan the tables.

Poker client setup

You should make sure these options are off:

Known Issues

- "DWM" Scan Mode is required in Advanced Options. This is the default if your computer is running Aero theme. However, sometimes even this doesn't work. If you get the "button has been detected as black" error message within SaT, then its likely that Revolution will not work for you.
- Many people report that SaT has problems where it always thinks that action is required all the time or it never thinks the tables require action at all. I'm pretty sure Revolution is blocking SaT from scanning its tables. Do not expect the action required detection to work properly. The only reason to include Revolution is to use the hotkeys. Some people will just use the 'Keep table in grid' hotkey so that the table never moves back to the stack.