- fixed: iPokerNew update (bug)
- fixed: PartyPokerModern update (bug)
- fixed: Chico update, removing the switcher bar from the tables (bug)
- fixed: WinningPoker
- fixed: detection of some Stars tournament blinds
- fixed: some focus stealing (bug)
- fixed: exclude Party deal windows
- fixed: Stars Daily Dollar tournaments (bug)
- added: support
- added: Close Table hotkey, doesn't click any popups (req)
- added: support for GGPoker skin on GGNetwork
- added: support for Bodog.COM (req)
- changed: Free mode works for tournaments up to $2.2

- fixed: another PartyPokerModern update

- fixed: Party update
- added: support for Highstakes skin on GGNetwork
- added: support for Bodog Asia
- added: hotkey to Call/Bet + Move To Grid (req)
- added: click Party info tab (req)
- added: support for Party.ES and DanskeSpil skins (req, 2)
v 2.98.03
- added: support for new 888 update. use site "888PokerNew"
- added: support for PokerStarsPowerup tables (req)
- added: hotkey to Open Replayer
- added: support for
- fixed: iPokerNew failure resizing issues (longtime bug)
- fixed: BodogIgnition update
- fixed: Increase/DecreaseBet hotkeys on iPokerNew (bug)
- fixed: iPoker Shasta freeroll tables (bug)
v 2.98.04
- added: support for the new Bodog client update (req)
- added: support for Cards88,PokerOK skins on GGnetwork
- fixed: 888PokerNew tables not stacking when clicking Fold (bug)
- fixed: Chico betSize hotkeys
- fixed: "Bet x BB" hotkey on Party tournaments
- fixed: Party tournament support (bug)
- fixed: support (bug)
v 2.98.05
- added: support for the new WinningPoker client update (req)
- removed: WinningPokerJackpot site
- fixed: BodogIgnition small tables
- fixed: PokerStars tournaments
- fixed: GGNetwork Rush tables
- fixed: PartyPoker info tab (bug)
- added: new Auto Align feature in Visualize Grid
- added: support for PokerGraphics Serenity theme for Stars