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Hotkeys are simply keyboard shortcuts to make playing more efficient. StackAndTile has a bunch of hotkeys that you can use to make table management easier.

SaT is not designed to be a full hotkey program such as TableNinja. However, over time, more and more hotkeys are added.

To add a hotkey to SaT, first select a hotkey action from the drop down. Next, decide what key you want to use for the hotkey. Finally, click the 'Add' button. To remove a hotkey, select it from the list and then click the 'Remove' button.

By default, hotkeys are sent to the table that is under the mouse cursor. So, to use a hotkey, simply mouse over the table, and press the hotkey button.

Below are descriptions of the different hotkey actions in StackAndTile.


Clicks the appropriate button on the table. If the +Stack version of the hotkey is used, first the button will be clicked, and then the table will be moved back to the stack. (In reality these hotkeys click the 1st/2nd/3rd buttons on the table respectively. Normally this order is Fold/Call/Bet. But for example, if the 2nd button says "Check" instead of "Call", SaT's Call hotkey will still work, because all it is doing is clicking the 2nd action button.)

Stack Table

Moves the table into the stack slot location.

Move table to next/previous slot

Moves the table into the next freely available slot in the grid. This is used to manually move a table out of the stack and into the grid. It can also be used on a table already in grid, to move it into the next free slot (in numerical order).

External VPIP key

These hotkeys are used if you wish to use 'After entering pot' for the Move To Grid setting, but you also use an external hotkey program such as TableNinja. You will want to coordinate these in conjuction with your hotkey program, so that tables will move into grid when you press one of these hotkeys. For example, if you use "c" for Call in TableNinja, and you want "call" keypresses to be used as a VPIP action to move the table into grid, then you will set up an External VPIP hotkey in SaT and use "c" as well (you'll notice SaT automatically adds the "~" prefix which instructs SaT to pass the keypress through to other programs). This means that when you press "c", TableNinja should handle the Call for you, and SaT should move the table into grid.

Send table to bottom

Moves the table underneath any other open windows. This can be used to cycle through tables in a stack.

Move to NewTables stack

Returns a table to the New Tables slot, where it will be ignored from detection. Some people use this when they sit out on a table.

Keep table in grid

If you have an important table that you would like to stay in its current position in the grid and never be removed (lets say you make a final table of a tournament or something), then you can press this hotkey to 'lock' the table in grid. When this is enabled, any attempt to move this table back to the stack is ignored. This way, you can continue to use your 'Fold+Stack' hotkey to fold the table, without causing it to be stacked as well. This is a toggle hotkey, press it once to turn ON, press again to turn OFF. You will get a brief tip near your mouse telling you the table's status after you press the hotkey.

Stack all tables

Stacks all tables.

Tile all tables

Tiles all tables into grid, but leaves at least one table in the stack, to ensure a full grid. When the grid is full, any extra tables will be in the stack.

Keep all tables in grid

Locks all tables in the grid.

Sit Out all tables

SaT will attempt to click the checkbox on every table to "Sit out next hand". Usually this hotkey will work as a toggle, and you can press it again to uncheck the box. This doesn't work for OnGame. Also keep in mind that some sites such as Party and Bovada require you to open a box or click on a tab before the "Sit out next hand" checkbox is visible. If you want this hotkey to work on your custom sites, you would need to add settings for sitout_x_coord and sitout_y_coord within your custom site ini files.

Ignore table

This will ignore a table from SaT's detection. These tables will not be scanned for anything by SaT, and hotkeys will not work on them either. This is a toggle hotkey, so press it once to ignore and the table will be moved to the center of the screen. Press the hotkey again to un-ignore the table and SaT will monitor it again. When you un-ignore the table, it will be detected as a New Table.

Disable Hotkeys

Disables all of the hotkeys in the program (except for this one). Press once to turn off hotkeys, press again to turn back on. This will allow you to type in other programs, or chat.

Increase/Decrease Bet

SaT does not have bet % pot hotkeys, because it is too difficult to get that to work across all poker sites. So, these increase/decrease bet hotkeys were added as a partial workaround, along with the BetSize hotkeys below. Some poker sites support the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the betsize in the bet box on the table. This hotkey acts in the same exact way. It should work reliably for: PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888Poker, Merge, WinningPoker, FullTiltPoker, BovadaBodog, and iPoker. However, for every other site, it will simply send a WheelUp/WheelDown click, which in most cases will produce the same result.

Bet Size hotkeys

These hotkeys will simply click the built-in buttons on the poker table, if the site has them. See the BetSize hotkeys page for more information. There is also an Advanced Option which will "also click the Bet button" after the BetSize is clicked, so that you don't have to hit two hotkeys. Although that option is not usually recommended because its always better to visually confirm the bet size that is in the box before you actually Bet it.

Bet X bb

This hotkey will allow you to bet a specific number of big blinds. SaT will attempt to read the stakes of the table from the title bar, and then input the number of BBs into the betbox. The same Advanced Option mentioned above to "also click the Bet button" will work for this hotkey as well, although its recommended not to use that because you should always manually review the amount before it gets automatically bet. Similar to the Increase/Decrease Bet hotkeys, this hotkey will only work on a select # of sites. It should work reliably for: PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888Poker, Merge, WinningPoker, FullTiltPoker, and iPoker. This feature is experimental. Please test thoroughly to ensure its working correctly for you. Its safest to use the BetSize hotkeys instead. Or you can use the Increase Bet hotkey and just press that a few times to the desired bb betsize.