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Tables will not stay in stack / Tables pop up incorrectly

This is the most common problem in StackAndTile. If this Test fails, then SaT will not work properly.


This page will cover any of the following problems:

  • Why are the stack tables going to the grid?
  • I try to send tables to the stack but they immediately pop back to grid!
  • Tables are popping to the top of the stack that don't require action!
  • I cannot put tables into the stack.
  • Tables are incorrectly stealing focus from each other
  • Some hotkeys work and others do not
  • And many others..

Firstly, you need to understand that SaT works by detecting when a table needs your action. SaT normally does this by looking for the visibility of the Fold button. If tables are popping up when the Fold button isn't visible, then its likely there is a problem. But, SaT also uses this knowledge to click the correct buttons for hotkeys as well. Many features of SaT need this to be working correctly, so this is very important.


The easiest way to test if this problem actually exists is this:

  1. Sit at one table on the site you suspect has a problem. Then press "Start" in SaT
  2. Use the SaT menu item for "Help -> Show Testing Info"
  3. You will see a popup trailing your mouse. Now mouse over a poker table on the site you are having problems with.
  4. When you mouse over the table, you should see some diagnostic information. We are looking for the line that says "Action Required?" near the bottom of the popup
  5. That line should read "NO" when it is not your turn to act. And then when it IS your turn, that line should change to "YES". Test this for different scenarios that you may think are causing a problem. If the problem always happens, then the popup should fail for any normal action. Other people might suspect other problems, such when you can check for free in BB, or when facing an all-in.
  6. You can use the menu item for "Help -> Show Testing Info" to turn off the popup when finished.

At step 5, if the popup says "Action Required? YES" even when it is not your turn to act, then this indicates that you have a problem, and need to look at the solutions below. Alternatively, if it says "Action Required? NO" when it really is your turn to act, you also have the same problem.

A successful test would be that the "Action Required?" line in the popup correctly changes to YES or NO as the status of the table changes when its your turn to act or not.


1. The first thing you should try to do is Remove the site from within SaT and then re-Include the site. This is because it is during the Include Site setup that SaT grabs the button colors. If you made a mistake during Include Site setup, then this could definitely cause it. Make sure you are pressing F10 only when it is your turn to act and the Fold/Call/Bet buttons are visible on the table. So that's the first thing to try. Also obviously make sure you're choosing the correct site and the site/theme in SaT matches the theme in your poker client.

2. The next thing to check is if there is anything specific related to your problem pokersite that is mentioned on the SaT help pages. Specifically make sure the site's "Pop up table when action required" setting is turned off. Also check for other configuration issues. Please check this link and find your site:

3. For multi-monitor setups: If you are on Windows 8.1, please check this Windows 8.1 fix. If you are on Windows 10, see the Windows 10 fix.

4. If you are using modified table graphics, this may cause problems as well. Specifically you want to make sure that the table background is not the same color as the fold/call/bet buttons. Another possibility to try is to change the table background style within the poker client, if your client has that option. If you suspect these may be the issue, post some screenshots in the forum.

5. Another thing you should try, is to create a new layout with the menu: "File -> New Layout". When the wizard asks you to press F7 to define your grid slot size, first choose a table from the site you are having a problem on. Then, resize that table using your mouse to the size that you want your tables to be. Finally, press F7. This will define your grid slot size to match the native proportions of the site that is causing the issue, and may help to fix it. Now in this new layout, include your site and then run the same Test above. This will give us more information about your problem, after we know whether it fails on two different slot sizes or if it works on another size.

6. If these don't work, you can try changing the Scan Mode used for the specific site in which you are having problems. Re-Include the site again, but this time, before pressing F9, click on the "..." button and change the Scan Mode, and then press F9 and continue. Try all 3 to see if one of them work

7. Restart your computer and then try Removing and re-Including the site again. Yes this is basic. But sometimes people are tweaking stuff in the Control Panel which requires you to log off and log on, and people never do that.

Old Test Method (but this Test still works fine)

The easiest way to test if this problem actually exists is this:
  1. Set your Play Mode to 'Stack and Tile'.
  2. Ensure that you have more than 1 slot in your SaT grid and that you have a Stack Slot set up. Use 'Visualize Grid' to confirm
  3. Set 'Move To Grid' setting = 'When Action Required'
  4. Set up a 'Stack Table' hotkey
  5. Turn on the Notification for 'Move To Grid' in Advanced Options
  6. Click 'Save' to apply all of the changed settings
  7. Open one table from the site that you suspect has a problem and take a seat
  8. Start SaT, and use the 'Stack Table' hotkey to move the table to the stack slot
  9. See if the table waits in the stack until it is your turn to act, and only moves out into the next grid slot when action is required

At step 6 and 7, when you attempt to move the table into the stack, if the table does not stay in the stack, and instead immediately pops back out into grid (this may happen so fast that it looks like the table just stays in the grid slot), then you have the problem described. You should also see the popup notification in the lower right of the screen telling you that SaT thinks that action is required on the table. Another problem would be if the table stays in the stack and never moves out, even when it is your turn.

A successful test would be that the table remains in the stack, and only moves out into the grid when it is truly your turn to act. If it moves out at any other time, then you will have problems. If it never moves out, then you will have problems.

Example video for Old Test Method