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This site profile is for the new iPoker client.

Currently "iPokerNew" only supports these skins:

Titan Poker, Titan Poker UK, Coral Poker, William Hill, bet365, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, IronPoker,
Betfair, BetClic, BetFred, Winner, Dafa, BoyleSport, NetBet,, SisalPoker, Everest, Mansion

If you need support for your skin, use the menu item within the SaT software: Help -> Diagnostic -> Get Window Title.
You need to follow the instructions and do it for the Main Lobby for your skin. Then paste the results in the support forum and I will try to add it

Poker client setup

You should make sure that these settings match yours:

You also want to make sure to use the darkest table background that you can. We need the background color to be different from the fold/call/bet button colors. For example, on CoralPoker, the "Default" background theme is a dark blue, and that is close to the same blue color that is used for the fold/call/bet. So on CoralPoker skin you'd want to choose "Classic" background theme

Issues to consider

  1. The latest iPoker update is causing problems on Win7 and Win8. You may need to use Win10 for best results
  2. SitOut hotkeys will work only when the Chat is visible
  3. You must turn off the mini games sidebar in the poker client's settings before you Include the site.
  4. If you are running Win 8.1 or Win 10, please check this page for a Windows 8.1 fix or Windows 10 fix
  5. Similar to the Win8/10 fix, there is a setting within the new iPoker client to "Enable HighDPI" Support. I don't know if this should be turned on or off. During my testing I had this turned off. If you test this and have any results, please let me know.
  6. The Increase/DecreaseBet hotkeys will only increment by 1bb. The extra advanced option for a custom increment size doesn't work on the new iPoker client because the betbox clears itself whenever you click it, so SaT cannot see the previous size in order to calculate the increment
  7. If you are playing in EUR/GBP currency, you may have to change your currency format in Windows
  8. The 'free' version of SaT that occurs after your trial period has expired, will not work for tournaments, only cash games, because tournament tables don't display the buyin amount in the titlebar of the table.
  9. SaT relies on the Lobby to detect tables on this site. So please make sure that the Lobby is opened before you Start SaT. Should be fixed in 2.99.00+