v 2.78

- added: Advanced Option for Fold hotkeys to click the 'Fold to Any Bet' checkbox on Stars, iPoker, and 888. This is on by default. (see help page) (req)
- added: Advanced Option to exclude Stars replayer (see help page)
- added: Hotkey for "Bet X bb + Stack"
- fixed: WinningPoker sometimes being detected as action required too early
- fixed: BetXbb hotkey fix for custom sites
- fixed: PokerStarsNova Sit Out hotkeys were broken
- fixed: PartyPoker Sit Out hotkeys now work even when chatbox is visible
- fixed: PartyPoker tournament popups were being detected as a table (bug)
- fixed: attempted fix for Nofitication error when using "Disable hotkeys" hotkey (bug)
- fixed: bug where an un-Ignored table was still being thought of as "keep in grid" (bug)
- fixed: bug with Left Mouse Click detection (bug)
v 2.79

- changed: PokerStars action_button changed to the 'bet' button. This allows Stars Zoom tables to not be detected as requiring action when the Fast Fold button is visible
- changed: new Advanced Option for which checkboxes the Fold hotkey should click (req)
- fixed: Bug where tables would sometimes not be resized properly (bug)
- fixed: BetXbb hotkeys weren't moving table to grid After Entering Pot
- fixed: for New Tables = 0, put the table in a slot if its are already in that location
- fixed: Party FastForward tables were opening minimized
- fixed: Party FastForward tables were dropping out and being re-detected as a New Table
- fixed: Bug where the border highlighter was fighting with HM2 HUD. The border is now drawn on the inside of the window (bug)
- fixed: FTP high stakes play money tables (and possibly high blind level tournament tables) weren't being detected
v 2.80
- fixed: backup license database in case website is down
- changed: reverted the Party FastForward fix from v2.79, which caused many grid related errors
- changed: Increase/Decrease bet hotkeys will click the buttons on the table by default for FullTiltPoker, PartyPokerModern, iPoker, and BovadaBodog (req) (help page)
- added: timebank clicker for FullTiltPoker - only blue buttons supported, no custom themes (req)
- fixed: added support for Italian PartyPoker skins (req)
- fixed: tables not detecting action required when shoved allin on: StarsBlack, StarsOldBlack, StarsSlick, StarsMercury (bug)
- fixed: WinningPoker action required detection
- fixed: PokerStarsHyperSimple always being detected as action required (bug)
- fixed: bug when using Fold+Stack on an Ignored table (bug)
- fixed: resizing/redrawing bug when using highlight active window
- fixed: Bet x BB hotkey was failing on iPoker tournaments, no periods . allowed (bug)
- fixed: Bet x BB hotkey should now work on BovadaBodog (bug)
- fixed: WinningPoker Turkish Lira currency support (bug)
v 2.81

- fixed: FullTiltPoker update
- fixed: attempted fix for Left Mouse Click detection
v 2.82
- added: built-in support for Microgaming network
- added: support for skin on Party network (req)
- added: hotkey to Refill Grid Tables (req)
- added: hotkey to Move Tables Up/Down/Left/Right (req)
- added: hotkey to Click Mouse
- added: custom Increment values for the Increase/Decrease bet hotkeys, see docs. (req)
- added: advanced option to Auto Accept Stars Waitlists (req, 2)
- fixed: attempts to make click/drag resizing more reliable
- fixed: Stars tournament "The Classico" now allowed on Small Stakes (bug)
- fixed: PokerStarsHyperSimple was incorrectly clicking the Fold+Watch on Zoom tables (bug)
- fixed: PokerStarsSlickLight issue
- fixed: PokerStarsOldBlack not detecting allin tables (bug)
- fixed: BovadaBodog issues with 7stud H/L games
- changed: 888PacificPoker settings, please remove/re-include
- changed: extra adv option highlight_border_inside defaults back to off
- changed: tables are not allowed to be minimized or maximized (bug)
- changed: Click FTP Timebank is now turned OFF by default, see docs
- changed: Trial procedure now requires email address within the software
v 2.83

- added: support for the new 888 "QT" client (bug, 2)
- added: new site for 888PgHmClassic table mod (req, 2)
- fixed: 888 tournament bug where mouse was getting stuck (bug, 2, 3)
- fixed: Bet x BB hotkey now works for tournament blinds with commas such as "1,000" (bug)
- fixed: urgent tables in grid will now be brought to the top (req)
- fixed: 888 play money tables are now detected on paid licenses (bug)
- fixed: Wheel hotkeys would fail if "fire on release" was on (bug)
- fixed: Party "WPT Step 0" tables weren't being detected
- fixed: start incrementing IncreaseBet hotkey at 1bb instead of 0 (req)
- changed: Increase/DecreaseBet hotkeys now default to 'bb' increment size
- changed: Winamax now supports Checking for free when using the Fold hotkey
- added: ability to pause/resume the session timer
v 2.84

- fixed: issue where overlapping grid tables would go to bottom underneath other application windows (bug)
- fixed: 888PacificPokerQT site update
- fixed: bug where stacked tables wouldn't give up focus
- fixed: New Tables bug
- added: Hotkey to 'Toggle Activate Table when Action Required' (req, 2)
- changed: "also click bet" is now two separate adv. options (req)
v 2.85

- fixed: BovadaBodog update
- fixed: 888PacificPokerQT for win7
- fixed: attempted to fix multi-monitor problems on win8.1+
- added: extra adv opt to change the increase/decreaseBet hotkey delay (req)

- added new site "iPokerNew" for the new client (req, 2)
- added: 888PacificPokerQT for win10
- removed: 888PacificPokerQT_win7 site that was added in v2.85 (bug)
- added: Adv Option to click the Info tab on Stars tournaments (req)
- changed: set the Z-Order of tables that require action, which may fix overlapping problems
- changed: using Fold hotkey will move table to grid when you can check for free (req)
- changed: check for license less frequently (req)
- updated: installer system (bugs)
v 2.87

- update: 888PacificPokerQT fix - Remove and re-Include the site (bug)
- removed: "888PacificPokerQT_win10" site that was added in v2.86
- added: new site "Unibet"
- added: support for BetFred,Winner,Dafa,BoyleSport skins on "iPokerNew"
- added: sitout hotkeys support for "iPokerNew"
- fixed: resizing loops
- fixed: problems with overlapping tables (bug)
- fixed: problems with 'Bet x BB' hotkey (bug)